Age: 47
Family: two children
Living in: Tikkurila, Vantaa
-MSc (information studies and public administration)
-BA (ethnomusicology and philosophy)
Work: Chief information specialist, Vantaa city library
Political views: left, greenish
Current position: City of Vantaa Executive Board

I am a librarian, musician and political activist from Vantaa. I am active involved in local politics in Vantaa as the chairman of the Left Alliance Vantaa branch and and as a member of City of Vantaa Executive Board.

I am well-educated and I have wide-ranging work experience. I graduated from Queen’s University of Belfast with a Bachelor’s degree. After moving back to Finland I continued my studies at the University of Tampere from where I graduated with a Master’s degree in information studies and administrative science.

Currently I work as a servie supervisor at the Vantaa City Library.

After I graduated from Queen’s University of Belfast I worked as an administrative assistant in the Belfast Jobcentre. I have also worked as a teaching assistant for autistic children, substitute teacher, IT-support and as a musician to name just a few. I have also been for many years a labour union representative of Akava special branches in the City of Vantaa.

My hobbies include playing the fiddle, the guitar and the mandolin (mostly Irish, bluegrass and Finnish traditional music), gardening, running and ice swimming.

Please, feel free to contact me for more details.


Email: karinen.ville.v@gmail.com
Tel: 0503028552
Facebook: www.facebook.com/karinenville
Twitter: @villekarinen